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General Cardiology Services

Services Offered

General Cardiac Investigations

Rationale for test


Assess electrical activity of the heart
Arrhythmias ie heart rhythm abnormalities
Heart rate
Abnormal electrical conduction
Ischemia or infarction (heart attack)
Abnormalities of the heart (eg heart chamber enlargement)

Holter Monitoring

Ambulatory monitoring of heart rhythm and rate
Detect  abnormal heart rhythm
Record episodes of chest pain/palpitation/other symptoms

ECG Event Recording

Recording of ECG using a portable device (event recorder) and transmitting to a receiving centre via internet.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABP)

Monitor blood pressure at regular interval within 24 hours

Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

Determine if there are blockages of the arteries of the heart and also helps to evaluate exercise tolerance, BP response, exercise-induced heart rhythm abnormalities.

2D Echocardiogram

Ultrasound of the heart.
Images of cross sectional of the heart are taken, assessing cardiac chamber sizes, wall thickness, velocity and direction of blood flow, ejection fraction (heart pump function) and detect any abnormality of the heart and heart valves.